Working with Business Owners for over Thirty Years

The PEO Option

Is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) a challenge?

Do you have to offer medical insurance to employees under the ACA?

Have your medical rates spiked, due to Community Rating?

Do you want to simplify your employee administration?

Do you want to consolidate vendors to save time/money?

Looking for a PEO for your business?

      Then you are in the right place.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) works along side a business to streamline its operations.  A full-service PEO provides:

  1. payroll (including W-2's and payment of taxes),
  2. employee administration (the paperwork stuff you do not want to do),
  3. workers compensation (plus safety services) and,
  4. benefits (medical, dental, 401k, voluntary benefits, on-line training,etc.)

A PEO increases your business' productivity in three ways:

  • By consolidating vendors (usually 8-12), you streamline your operations with a fully-integrated employee administration tool;
  • Frequently, PEOs will save hard dollars on medical benefits, 401k, workers compensation, background or drug screening, etc.
  • Expert Human Resources support is provided to clients which can include things like new handbooks, performance management support, Affordable Care Act support.

A recent study demonstrated that using a PEO increased a company's profitability by 20%

My recent clients include: manufacturing companies, hotel/property management companies, law firms, medical/dental offices, professional services companies, larger companies with workers in multiple states, and a company trying to grow and/or reduce its internal overhead.